Refund and Policy

Crypto Victory, (“Crypto Victory,” “we,” or “us“, “our“, “CV”), provides the following refund and cancellation policy.

The goal for Crypto Victory is to help you learn the skills to produce the success you desire. We are committed to that goal from the moment you make your first payment.

The knowledge, instruction, news and information provided by Crypto Victory, its online guides, articles, courses, chat rooms, social media groups and other communications, can provide immediate benefit for members and other 3rd parties. For this reason, we do not provide refunds for any reason. We do not provide any refunds at any point after an initial and/or subsequent payment is made by you. This no-refund policy applies to monthly payments and annual payments. This no-refund policy applies to payments made via credit card, PayPal, Venmo, crypto currencies, including but not limited to Bitcoin, Ether and Litecoin, or any other payment method.

Also, when you submit a request for cancellation, or you terminate your subscriptions with Paypal, Stripe or any other payment method or medium, the cancellation is effective immediately. You will not be refunded any portion of any unused time between the date of your cancellation request or subscription termination and 30 days from the date of your last payment.

By sending a payment, you agree to these no-refund and immediate cancellation policies, our risk disclosure statement, our terms of use and our privacy policy.